Information about the mobility of federated athletes in Andalusia

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We share the following information provided by the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation.

The General Directorate of Sports Promotion, Healthy Habits and Sports Fabric of the Junta de Andalucía sent an update on 19th January, to the Andalusian sports federations regarding the Extraordinary BOJA number 6 of this Saturday, 16th January, and in reference to mobility in the territory of Andalusia for athletes with a valid federative license.

Mobility through all provinces and municipalities is allowed to those federated athletes of absolute category, high level or high performance, coaches, judges or federated referees, provided that the movement is related to federated sports activities and official competitions.

As for what is an absolute category, we highlight two of the “Frequently Asked Questions”, published on the website of the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation:

What players compose the absolute category?

By absolute category is understood that which groups athletes in the general classification of a sports competition, regardless of the age group to which they belong. Depending on the characteristics of the sport, the corresponding sports federation may limit the minimum age that an athlete must be to participate in an official competition and qualify for absolute classification. (Decreto 336/2009, de 22 de Septiembre, por el que se regula el Deporte de Rendimiento de Andalucía). The Royal Andalusian Golf Federation has no established age limitation in this regard.

Which players are NOT part of the absolute category?

Those federated amateurs who do not have a handicap, since they cannot participate in an absolute competition.

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