The tips of our Professional PGA Club Dean Symonds help us get the most out of Golf. In Santa María Golf Club we want you to enjoy practicing this sport and we want to make every new visit an unforgettable day.

For this we offer you a series of professional tips that allow you to improve your game and learn tricks and secrets of this exciting world. In this video Dean tells us where we should drop the ball when we find it in a place where we cant continue the game.

There are rules that regulate this type of situations. Dean explains, What would you do if the ball is located in the middle of a path for buggies?. Its something that can happen with ease since the roads cross the field. Previously, Dean explains, these roads didnt exist and these problems were avoided. But now its common to find them on the golf courses, especially if, as Dean reminds us, we are in a place with a climate as nice as the one that has Santa Maria Golf. In this environment enjoying a buggy ride becomes a pleasant and fun experience.

Dean explains how to avoid breaking a rule that could even cost us a penalty. Finding the ball at this point is an immovable obstruction. In this case the rules says that we could only move it to the nearest point where our feet and the movement that we are going to do not suppose an obstruction in the way.

Once marked this point we must place the ball at a distance equal to the length of a golf club. There are also a number of rules for dealing with such cases where the slope is very pronounced. Do you know what to do in these situations? Watch the video and find out.

Do you want to improve your game with Dean’s tips? Book your green fee online and come to enjoy a Golf day in an unbeatable environment.

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