Last July 1, the AFA-SANTA MARÍA tournament was held as part of the activities planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Santa Maria Golf Club. The event took place at our facilities and began at 9:30 in the morning.

This tournament has had the collaboration of Marbella Town Hall and Sabadell Bank. In addition have other sponsors such as Golf Car Dabema, Holiday Golf, ATSYR, Rueda Mata S.L, Kruano, Graficalia and “La Huella” Communication that support the initiative. The proceeds was directly to the Association of Relatives of patients of Alzheimer (AFA). This association work to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s and their families. In 2002 obtained the qualification of Entity Declared of Public Utility by the Ministry of the Interior. The organization work giving information about this disease to raise awareness of the population and institutions. They also carry out actions and events to promote research and provide training and support to affected families.

The inscription included the greenfee, buggie, a 25th Anniversary gift bag and a picnic bag. The attendees enjoyed a day of Golf in an incredible environment and with the added bonus of being involved in a charity event that will serve to help many people. Specifically, the president of AFA explained that the proceeds will go to the day to day of the association. In addition they want to introduce new techniques of stimulation and renew instrumental.

The classification of the Tournament was the following one:


1º F. AMMAR                     HCP.19                  40 PTS.

2º L. McGLASSON            HCP.12                  37 PTS.

3º M. GIL MURILLO         HCP.18                  36 PTS.



1ª Mª A. FONTANA         HCP.18                  32 PTS.

2ª K. SVETLANA                HCP.36               30 PTS.

3ª Mª C. TAPIA                  HCP.17                29 PTS.


After the Tournament, the participants enjoyed a lunch at the Club Restaurant, Hoyo19, where the prizes were presented.The photos show the President of AFA Marbella, Mrs. Ana Mardones, the Head of the Delegation of Social Rights of Marbella Town Hall, Mr. Manuel Nuñez Sanjuan and Alfredo Ramiro, General Manager of Santa Maria Golf Club and the winners of the Tournament.