In Santa María Golf we give you the best tips so you can enjoy your favorite sport. Our facilities are equipped with everything you need to live a day with nature in which golf will be the main protagonist.

Our golf course offers you 18 holes and is located in an incredible environment where you can relax and unwind. Practicing sports helps us to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle that benefits us in many aspects. But, before taking up any sports practice, we must take into account a series of issues to avoid getting injured.

  • Warm-up before start. It’s important that you stretch and warm the muscles before doing any a physical activity. This way you will avoid jerks and injuries.
  • Check your physical condition. Go to your doctor with certain periodicity to check that your health is optimal and that there is no impediment for you to play sports. Follow the recommendations of the medical professional.
  • Stay hydrated. Golf is a sport that involves time and is done outdoors, so its important to drink water to avoid dehydration.
  • Be careful with the movements you make. The sudden movements can cause injury or damage your muscles and joints. Try to make smooth movements that don’t overload your body.

Always use the right equipment. The shoes, clothes, gloves and clubs that you use to play golf are very important to ensure a safe game.

We hope these tips help you enjoy playing golf. If you have any questions or want us to give you recommendations on a specific topic, get in touch with us. In Santa María Golf we strive to give you a quality service so that your stay in our golf course is unforgettable.