Junior Summer Competitions

Summer holidays is no time to be sitting around the house. This year the first ever Elviria Junior Matchplay Cup started in July giving our juniors a taste of this rarely played format nowadays. Competing ‘mano a mano’ differs entirely from the usual strokeplay or stableford competitions they play regularly and also helps to introduce each junior to others they may not normally play with. Making it to the final was Javier Herrero and Fermín Palma, Fermín finishing victorious with a 4&2 win – congratulations.

In August it was the turn of the girls. Vicky Zalega in her first competition at the club took gold with 46 points and a big handicap reduction. She was 9 points clear of Selina Reguera who finished second.

In September Marco Furnell tied at the top with Javier Herrero on 37 points, however Marco took the first place prize being the lower of the handicaps.