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Historia de Santa María Golf Club

Santa María Golf - Historia

A project with a great story

Santa María Golf all began when a small group of golfers got their heads together and decided to look for land which was large enough for an 18-hole golf course expandable to 36, and also large enough for a small residential development.

The group was headed by John Jenkins, a publisher, and Colin Mosely, a qualified engineer and designer with 25 years management experience.

Although the chosen site was considerably larger than intended, the site was considered to be particularly appealing, offering splendid views of mountains and sea and situated amongst dense pine and cork oak forests. Access to the site from the N340 was excellent, the best along the coast. It was known that a new motorway network was planned and this would further enhance accessibility. Another major consideration was the fact that the project was in the municipality of Marbella and well served by international airports and only two and a half hours air travel from most European capitals.

The proliferation of time share developments was resulting in a higher market demand for golf. Equally there was a substantial increase in the non-British market participating in the sport. Previously the golf market had been dominated by them. However, German, Scandinavian and Spanish players were beginning to create an important new market.

The project path

It was known that 1992 would be an important year for Spain with full membership of the EEC, the Sevilla Expo, the Olympic Games in Barcelona and other activities which would stimulate the economy and attract international interest.

At the time, market influences for the area were all positive and gave rise to confidence for the successful outcome of the company’s development plans. In July 1989, the adoption of the initial planning for the plan was granted by the Local Authority of Marbella. During this process, all documents were reviewed to incorporate the changes negotiated and the plan was finally approved by the College of architects.

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